What Is a Co-op?

Hancock Street Preschool is a co-op (or cooperative). A cooperative school is run by a parent community that helps in the classroom, is involved in decision-making and provides other support to ensure the school’s operations. We are a non-profit organization comprised of families who take an active interest in their children’s first educational experience. In a co-op preschool, the teachers are the only paid employee. At Hancock Street Preschool, our professional credentialed teachers provide intentional, relationship-based teaching and a learning environment which focuses on creativity, community and curiosity.

Is It For Me?

Here are some of the benefits of participating in a co-op preschool:

  • You will have the chance to participate in your child’s educational experiences away from home.

  • You will become part of a supportive community of families.

  • You will get to know the other children in the class which makes it easier to understand and discuss your child’s preschool experiences and friendships.

  • You will gain valuable parenting skills as you observe how a professional teacher and other parents deal with different scenarios.

  • You will create lasting memories and friendships.

Here’s how one of our alumni moms described her experience:

At my son’s last preschool, I would walk him to school, help him settle in, kiss him goodbye and leave. Now I put on my apron, get the play dough out and talk to the kids while they paint at the easel. When it’s snack time, I prepare some food and sit down to eat with my son and the other children. I feel so involved with my son’s life. I can ask him specific questions about his day, like “Did you pretend to be dinosaurs with Andrew again today?,” instead of the usual “What did you do today?”
— Blue Class mom

Serving on a Committee

Each family at Hancock Street Preschool serves either on the Board of Directors or on one of the following committees:

  • Classroom Support

  • Field Trip

  • Fundraising: Auction

  • Fundraising: Home Tour Cafe

  • Fundraising: Evergreen

  • Fundraising: Scrip

  • Equipment

  • Paint

  • Memory DVD

  • Social

  • Assistant Treasurer

  • Housekeeping

  • PCPO Rep./ Parent Ed.

  • Play Dough

  • Sustainability

  • Library/Book Order

  • Teacher Helper Scheduler

  • Supply

Helping In Class

Each family is required to teacher-help in their child's class. Family members help once every two or three weeks. On some days, you will be assigned to provide snack. There are three teacher helpers each day which enables us to maintain a nurturing environment and a low child to adult ratio.


Attending Parent Education Meetings

Parent education is an essential part of Hancock Street Preschool. We promote a strong home-school connection and believe that adults, as well as children, are life-long learners. The teachers hold regular ‘Parent Education’ nights. We discuss early childhood development and how parents can support their child’s growth at preschool and at home. Hancock Street Preschool also offers a beginning-of-year training for adults on their role in the classroom. There are approximately five evening meetings per year.

Going on Field Trips

We take a variety of field trips that enhance the children's experience in the classroom and expand their understanding of the world. Past trips have included a visit to a farm, to a grocery store, to a post office, to a state park, and a ride on a train. Parents are encouraged to attend these field trips if they are able.


Fundraising enables us to keep tuition affordable for our families and to offer partial financial aid for those in need. All families participate in raising funds to support the school. The main fundraiser for the school is an annual Evergreen sale.

Families are also required to participate in our scrip program, which is a dollar-for-dollar exchange using gift cards for many local businesses. Families buy gift cards from a number of participating merchants for groceries, fuel, clothing, toys, entertainment, electronics, home improvement, and household services. When the gift cards are purchased, the retailers donate a percentage of the sale to our preschool.

The financial goal for fundraising is set each year by the Board of Directors.